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Best of T Day Hacks

Some of our most watched videos for Thanksgiving
You’ve asked for it!  Here it is, the short list of excellent videos that will help each stage of your Thanksgiving meal prep! There are so many good videos out there to use while…

Dessert Table

Best Tips for your Thanksgiving Dessert Table
The big meal is coming up this next week, for many of our customers it’s the dessert table that causes anxiety.  Most people don’t stress about mashed potatoes.  Yet when it comes…

Save Twice A Week

Saving money is a two step habit that starts with a plan, and ends with savings.
Have you noticed how busy your life seems lately?  Raising the kids, organizing the house, and keeping up with all your social media can really fill up your daily schedule.  So wh…

Digital Coupons Everytime

The future of digital coupons is explained
The coupon world is constantly changing.  20 years ago, almost all coupons were printed in Sunday newspaper inserts.  10 Years ago we saw an explosion of printable, or “Online” co…

All the Ways to Save at County Market

Did you know there are more ways to save at County Market other than the weekly ad?  There are several lists and links that can help you to save more money each and every week.   …

Always Use Your Penny Pincher

Saving money with coupons at County Market is really easy.  One of the reasons is because of the huge, new in 2017, Penny Pincher book.  This book is much better than our older pe…

Tips for Printing Coupons

Bricks coupons are the most printed online coupons and the easiest way to build your coupon stash.  One of the questions I commonly get is about Bricks coupons, or printable coupon…

6 Insanely Simple Ways to Coupon Shop

Saving money on groceries does not happen at the store.  Saving money happens before you get to the store.  Here are six steps to help you be fully prepared to maximize your savin…

Coupon Services Rock

As I was looking into the week's upcoming sales, I found myself wanting a few coupons I did not have in my coupon stash.  I immediately turned to clipping services for help.  The …

Thrifty Shoppers Click It

When it comes to saving money on your groceries, there's an app for that!  Most stores these days have apps that give you directions to local stores, or hours of operation.  But t…

Online Coupon Printing Facts Every Coupon User Should Know

    Bricks coupons are the most printed online coupons and the easiest way to build your coupon stash.  One of the questions I commonly get is about Bricks coupons, or prin…

7 Summer Coupon Tips

Couponing in the summer months is a mixed joy. There are tons of great offers for picnic foods, and convenience foods.  These can add up to quite a bit of money.  These are also t…

6 Things You Must Know About Rebates

  Rebates are the icing on the cake.  We watch the sales, we clip the coupons, and we stockpiled the goods.  The very last step is to file a Rebate.  These can add another layer…

Ibotta Max

One of the easiest phone apps you can use in 2017 is Ibotta.  It's a rebate app that allows you to save money on groceries.  It is a rebate, because you get the money direct to co…

May Penny Pincher

Our May penny pincher books are out.  The reviews of the new booklet have been great.  People really like having more coupons, and they love the extended time periods for redempti…

The New Pennies

The new penny pincher book has a lot of people relooking at pennies.  So many people that were not clipping the coupons have started with the new offers.  Many of our loyal penny …

April 10th: 2nd Week of Penny Pinchers

Week #2 of April Penny Pinchers   We've had these offers for a couple weeks, and now it's time to purge the Blue April coupons and get out the Green offers.  This batch start…

Top 7 Reasons to LOVE the New Penny Pincher Book

April is the first month with our brand new penny pincher coupon book.  It is truly an amazing upgrade.  We are very excited to for the new features to kick in starting today.  He…

Where to Find the BEST Coupons

This week we're going to open up and talk about finding the Best coupons.  The best coupons are high dollar, BOGO coupons and rebate forms.  They offer you a pretty good return for…

3 Strategies for Coupon Success

  Strategy #1   Never shop without a plan. Impulse buying can wreck your grocery budget.  And never shop hungry!   It seems like a simple strategy and it works.  The plan st…

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