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20 Minutes That Could Save You $1,000 This Year

Are you clicking?  You should be.  This program is changing shopping.  It's easy, no scissors necessary.  Once you have the My County Market App rolling, add Ibotta to your shoppi…

2017: Healthier and Budget Friendly

Do new year's resolutions have you reviewing all aspects of your life?  Are you considering a new exercise program?  Are you quitting smoking?  Spending more time with a loved one…

Coupon With Us in 2017

Savings habits are hard to establish. Hard like when you first decide to not order soft drinks in restaurants and order water to save a few dollars, or deciding to only fill your …

Get Your FREE Coupons

 One of the best things you can do to save yourself both time and money is to learn to use the free online coupon trading boards.  I use them frequently.  This week I picked up so…

3 Crazy Steps to Better Coupon Shopping

Deciding to be a saver is tough.  But having a good strategy helps!   Strategy #1   Never shop without a plan. Impulse buying can wreck your grocery budget.  And never shop h…

Printing Coupons Online FAQ

      Bricks coupons are the most printed online coupons and the easiest way to build your coupon stash.  One of the questions I commonly get is about Bricks coupons, or …

6 Crazy Simple Steps to Save Money on Groceries

Saving money on groceries does not happen at the store.  Saving money happens before you get to the store.  Here are six steps to help you be fully prepared to maximize your savin…

5 Steps to a Stress Free Thanksgiving

My home has played host to our family Thanksgiving meals for the past several years.  Those first few years were very hectic.  I remember trying to clean, cook, and decorate until…

Find Money on Boxes

  The thrill of the hunt!  Time to retrain our senses to finding all those great deals printed on bags and boxes in the store.   Training your eyes to find extra deals on shel…

Will Someone Please Do This For Me?

As I was looking into the week's upcoming sales, I found myself wanting a few coupons I did not have in my coupon stash.  I immediately turned to clipping services for help.  The …

$288.32 and No Coupons

It happened just yesterday.  We returned from our trip and I decided to shop on a Sunday afternoon.  Usually I shop during the week to avoid the crowds but we had cleaned out the …

Summer Freezing Tips

Freezing foods is something you can learn in stages.  There are 3 ways to save money with your freezer.     First, buy low, freeze and save.  It’s simple.  You need a freez…

Fresh for Less

Last week I was able to use my physical coupons, and my  My County Market App add Ibotta to save on produce. One of our common comments from non coupon users is that they do not b…

It Starts on Wednesdays

When you make out your shopping list each week, it’s our hope that you find the Coupon Match that comes out on Wednesdays as a guide.  This lists all the sale items from the print…

Road Trip Savings with Coupons

We're headed for a much overdue break.  Our family is taking a road trip and spending 14 days on vacation.  I can't wait!  This of course brings up some discussion about how to sa…

Summer Coupon Motivation

Generally in the summer, I hit a savings  slump. I tend to get distracted from savings.  There is a simple way to organize yourself and save more money, is to make a list.    I se…

This Week with Apps

Are you clicking?  You should be.  This program is changing shopping.  It's easy, no scissors necessary.  Once you have the My County Market App rolling, add Ibotta to your shoppin…

Coupon Match Up 6/8

We have a heavy store deals week.  Take a look at your hot list and match up to store brand specials.  Be sure to  use your apps!   Ibotta app for rebates     My County Market App…

6 Steps to Take BEFORE You Go Grocery Shopping

Saving money on groceries does not happen at the store.  Saving money happens before you get to the store.  Here are six steps to help you be fully prepared to maximize your savin…

Spring Pennies at County Market

The most common way to save extra money, is to match up a sale item and a manufacturer’s coupon.  However, if you can find a STORE issued coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon that ma…

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