Grown in the Midwest Logo.jpgGet farm fresh produce at your local County Market!

We're proud to support our local farmers as they work hard every day to bring you the best produce possible. Midwest grown produce is important for County Market because our shoppers request it. Local assures customers the produce is fresh and it hasn't been processed more for packing and shipping than for eating. Look for the Grown in the Midwest logo on items throughout our produce department.

Here are a few of the stories behind the local farmers supplying the food on your dinner table:

Grown in the Midwest - Wonning Melon Farms.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Weigel Orchards.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Tittsworth Melons.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Ridgeview Orchards.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Meyers Produce.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Maddox Farm.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Flamm Orchards.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Feel Good Farm.jpgGrown in the Midwest - Bankhead's Veggies.jpg