half sandwich.jpgLooking to be the life of the party?

You are sure to make a statement with our custom made party trays. For a large party gatherings or small family functions we are here to lend a helping hand. Our party trays are ready for guests to indulge, all your gonna have to do is show up to the party! Having a wine party? Order our specialty cheese tray featuring rich and creamy cheeses from around the world or keep it simple with our Brie piled high a Brie trio that is oh so sweet. Out meat lover’s platter has heaping piles of our most popular deli meats, easy for fingertip sandwiches. The list goes on and on.

Place your order today; we will have it ready for you to serve to your guests within 24 hours. Your guests will be impressed with your attention to detail and unique taste….ssshhh they will think you were up all night!

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Not sure how much to order? Our experienced deli staff can help you out, they are always there with a friendly smile ready to answer questions and lead you in the right direction.