Let's Go Back to the Start

Let's Go Back to the Start

Jan 19, 2017

There was a time, long, long ago in a far off land that I would make weekly meal plans for my family. I had my mom’s recipe cards firmly in hand and I crafted homemade meals every night. I devised a meal schedule and made sure not to duplicate the main dish more than once a month. What happened you may ask? Three kids, a full-time job, drum lessons, Cub Scout meetings, and various doctor appointments to fix our teeth, eyes, and runny noses.

As with many parents, I have great intentExhibit A.pngions, and not such great follow through. Almost weekly I vow to change my ways as I once again sit in the drive thru line at Little Caesars. It does not make me proud that the employees recognize me and automatically hand me paper plates, napkins, and the free cookies, as they know my kids will often eat the pizza in the car on the way to an event. If I do not have to exit the vehicle the odds drastically increase that my family will frequent that establishment.

About five years ago I created a Facebook group entitled, “Busy Moms, Healthy Recipes”. Here is what happened: many busy moms joined the page and within a few weeks the activity went down to zero. Again, the follow through was not awesome on my part. I still receive requests to join the group which I pretend to not see while making a note to myself to deactivate the page.

It is very easy to go along disregarding family dinners and turn a blind eye. What kid is going to call you out on eating cheeseburgers and drinking milkshakes? This phase of my life is a race and when it isn’t, the last thing I want to worry about is cooking. But here comes the record scratch for me: I now work five days a week marketing food. All day I see beautiful images of food going into the weekly ads, healthy meal plans being created, recipes accompanying the images, etc. After about a week, something just did not feel right when I went home and served my kids a frozen pizza. Again.

This blog is my wake-up call. As I journey to find better options for my family in a world that doesn’t make time for sit down dinners, I hope that I can share ideas with you that will inspire you to do better for your family. If you are looking for gourmet recipe ideas, this is not the place for you. I commend you and hope to reach your level, but I am in the back to basics mode.

As I expand my horizons at County Market, I will be sharing a weekly idea that you can incorporate into your busy schedule. My starting goal is one good sit down dinner out of the week and invite you to follow my blog to see if it works for you.

The County Market team is working hard to come up with simple and healthy solutions for you and your family and I am excited to share them with you!

Next Week Sneak Peek - A simple solution for dinner that doubles as a Super Bowl party dish! Win-win! Time in and out of grocery store (including potential Redbox purchase and kids candy demand distractions): 15 minutes

- Maureen

A Marketing Mom Striving to Get out of the Fast Food Lane and into the Grocery Aisle.

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