Fondue It For Dinner!

Fondue It For Dinner!

Feb 22, 2017

To recap on my blog last week: our household was a hot mess due to a trip out of town. After a weekend of sorting and somewhat cleaning, I can say that this week has been going much better. Therefore, I was able to put a good amount of thought into this week’s meal suggestion.

Growing up, we went through a phase in our household where we had fondue on a pretty consistent basis. It was not the 1970’s. I am guessing it was the whim of my Mom that I just took as fact, that this was a trendy dinner idea. Somehow this trend gained momentum all the way through high school, to the point of having fondue parties (if this were social media I would tag my high school friends here). Yep, you guessed it, I was super cool back in the day.

Here is what I will say. Fondue dinners/parties are fun. The word fondue is fun. There are enough options for everyone. Everyone should be happy. So my suggestion this week is Pizza Fondue with the picky eater option of take-and-bake cheese pizza.

Pizza Fondue is kind of awesome because there are so many different sides that go well with it: chips, bread, carrots and peppers are my go-to side items. As pizza fondue has ground beef, it is also very filling. Here is your grocery list:

Pizza Fondue Grocery List.png

Make It!

All of this can be made on the stovetop. Brown the meat (I prefer a pound of meat) and then mix in all of the ingredients. And you are done in less than 15 minutes! You can move the fondue to a fondue pot on the table or just serve it directly onto plates or into bowls. You can omit the onion if you have picky eaters and cut back on the fennel seed if need be. The great thing about fondue is there are so many dipper options. I like to toast English muffins and cut it into squares as the main dipping vehicle.

Other items to add: peppers, carrots, and tortilla chips. Picky Eater Alert: pick up a cheese pizza to go along with the fondue. I like the take-and-bake PizzAmore pizzas from the deli at County Market to keep dinner to mostly fresh items.

Fondue Collage.jpg


I hope you enjoy this fun dinner idea. Embrace the fondue! Your friends and family will thank you!

- Maureen

A Marketing Mom Striving to Get Out of the Fast Food Lane and into the Grocery Aisle




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