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Tender, plump, juicy...I can hear the sizzle from here!

Our Quincy original, Johannes Sausages are made fresh everyday in our stores. Using all natural ingredients and lean cuts of meat, we have created a truly unique sausage. No MSG, ever. We have several varieties available… Chorizo, pronounced CHOR - EE - SEW, is a pork sausage that comes in large links which you can break apart or leave solid to cook. Our new Chicken Mediterranean Sausage is a healthy alternative because it is leaner than pork sausage. Andouille: Pronounced (ahn-doo-ee), this spicy pork sausage was brought to the New World by the French colonists of Louisiana. Our hand made andouille is made of fresh ground pork, seasoned with salt, cracked black pepper, garlic, and then smoked for a great flavor.