Get Back to the Table

Live Well Principle #2: Get Back to the Table

  • Home-cooked meals:  

    • Plan your meals in advance using the MyPlate guidelines whether it is a week of menus or a get-back-to-the-table.jpgmonth out (whatever works best for you).  It starts with checking your pantry and food storage for staple items (such as quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, canned vegetables, spices, etc.) and then make a list according to what you have on hand, what produce is in season, what you need to buy based on sale items in your County Market Circular Ad. 

    • Make sure to plan your meals to ensure you have leftovers for lunches or for future meals (freeze for later).  To help make things easier when it comes time to cook, plan ahead by pre-chopping things like bell peppers, onions, etc. and freeze them until ready to use.  You can take out the pre-chopped frozen vegetables and add them to stir-fry, soups, and many other meals and it will save you time.

    •  Sometimes it can be worth buying ready-to-eat items such as baby carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower (pre-cut, washed, chopped, etc.), but you get to decide what is worth the splurge.

    • Make sure you have good food storage containers that you can easily see through (to know what food is in the container) as well as making sure they are microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience.

    • Keep a folder, disk drive, or even a recipe book with your family’s favorite healthy recipes, so you always have them at your fingertips.  When you are pressed for time and need budget-friendly meals, then go for one-pot meals, large volume recipes such as soups and crockpot recipes to feed your family and still have leftovers. 

    • Get your family, kids or significant other involved in the preparation and cooking process as it can be a fun way to spend time together and make the cooking process much faster and more enjoyable.

    • The best “ingredient” to any meal is eating meals together as a family.  Not only is it a great way to connect at the end of the day, but it also helps to establish healthy eating  patterns for the entire family.

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