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Save money with our $4 for 30 days or $10 for 90 days generic prescription program.

It's available to everyone. With over 350 generic prescriptions available, we can help you make an affordable choice. Click Here to download the current alphabetical list of generic prescriptions available. Click Here to download the list sorted by category.

Our Pharmacy Prescription Programs include generic drugs in the following categories:

• Allergies, Cold & Flu
• Antifungal
• Arthritis & Pain
• Asthma
• Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Eye Care
• Ear Health
• Heart Health
• Blood Pressure
• Mental Health
• Skin Conditions
• Thyroid Conditions
• Vitamins

Your Safety Is Important!

We value your family’s safety. If you have questions…we have the answers.  We will take the time to review your medications and have a consultation for your peace of mind.