Scratch and Win: Mobile Game

How does the game play work? 

From May 10 – July 4, 2021 enjoy the Take it Outside game! Just enter your phone number to begin at Wipe away the smoke off the grill and match 3 prizes to win. If 3 of the same prizes are revealed, the player wins that prize. Players can play one time per day. Every play gives the player another entry into the Sweepstakes for a Weber Grill. If a player wins, they will receive instructions in order to redeem their prize in-store. The prizes are to be collected in County Market stores. Find the prize you won in store and bring it to the cashier.


How does it work with my prize?

Players will visit their prize wallet after winning to redeem their prizes.Upon their first win, they will follow a set of steps in order to verify their phone number. They will receive an SMS with a 4-digit code to enter in the wallet. Once verified, the player will not rely on text messages again. In the prize wallet, a player will select which prize they want to redeem. When you have brought the product to the Associate at the counter to check out, tap the “Redeem” button. Tap “Redeem” again to confirm the pop-up message. Turn your phone to the Associate —they will confirm that the 5-minute countdown is running, and the current date and time is displayed. They will then scan the barcode that is visible below the timer or enter the information displayed for prize redemption.


How do I get my instant win prize?

Instant winners will be notified immediately in the game and then can find all available prizes in their prize wallet.


How long do I have to redeem my prize?

Instant winners are given 7 days from the date that the prize is issued. All instant prizes expire at midnight ET on the final day.


The store doesn’t have my prize.

Due to the popularity of the Take It Outside game, it is possible that some prizes are temporarily unavailable at some stores. It is also possible that continually evolving guidelines for Covid-19 result in some products being temporarily unavailable at some stores. Ask an employee in the store for help. The prize cannot be exchanged for either cash or other prizes.


I’m having trouble redeeming my prize.

This may be due to poor network connection. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you have a connection and the “Redeem” screen is still not loading, or if the Associate is not able to scan the barcode, please use the customer service email at the bottom of  the page to submit a help request. Please include the location of the store where you had trouble and we can look into it further.


What are the terms of the prize?

Open to anyone 18+ in the Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. Prizes must be redeemed at a County Market Store in the US. Customers must have a mobile phone number with access to the internet in order to redeem prizes  in-store. The prize is valid for 7 days — refer to your Prize Wallet for the exact expiry date.


Do I need a phone with internet access to play?

Yes, the game takes advantage of the latest mobile technology and requires a smart phone with internet access to play.

I didn’t receive an SMS Prize.

For this game, players will only receive a text message when verifying their prize wallet. After that, players will find all prizes available in their wallet and will not rely on text messages. Check that the mobile number you are playing with is correct. You can check it via the settings icon in the top left corner of the game. If your mobile number is incorrect, you will lose the right to the prize and the wallet pin code will be sent to the number you have played. If the mobile number is correct, click the “wallet” button in the menu and let the timer run out. Once it has, you will have the option to resend code. If you still do not receive your text message with your pin code, contact customer service at and they will resend the SMS. Remember to provide your mobile number when contacting customer service. Have patience. It may take a while before you receive the SMS. All winners are registered in our system so nobody will be forgotten.


Can I transfer or gift my prize to someone else?

This game does not currently allow for prizes to be transferred to someone else.


What will you do with my phone number?

We will not give, rent, or sell your phone number to any 3rd parties.


My Wi-Fi texting app isn’t working.

 Wi-Fi texting apps are not supported, and not eligible for this program. You must have a mobile number that supports standard SMS text messaging.


It says I already played today.

If you played within the last 24 hours, you will need to wait until the following day to play again. Every day starts at midnight ET.


Can I take a different prize than the one I have won?

Unfortunately, the prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other prizes. Don’t worry though, we worked long, and hard to find the best prize options to satisfy our winners!


I’m told that I must pay money to get my prize.

Double-check that the item being redeemed matches the prize voucher description. If the item is the same, it is possible that a technical error may have occurred. Please use the customer service email to let us know the store location and prize you had trouble redeeming.


How do I enter the Weber Grill Sweepstakes?

1.After you play the Take It Outside game, click through to the first screen to enter your details to enter.
2.To enter the drawing, you will need to enter your name, address, mobile number via the form available after your first play.
3.You will only have to complete this form once to be entered into the sweepstakes.
4.Each game play will count as one entry towards the Weber Grill.
5.After the Sweepstakes is over, one winner will be drawn per store.
6.Each potential winner will be contacted using the contact details provided with the entry and may be awarded the prize subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the terms of these Official Rules.


Have additional questions or concerns?

Contact customer service at