Niemann Foods, Inc., its affiliates, associates and staff (hereinafter “NFI” or “the company”), value our customers’ patronage and desire to maintain our customers’ confidence in our business relationship. With this in mind, NFI has formulated the following principles and guidelines regarding the collection, use and securing of personal information that our customers have provided to it, in connection with credit applications, premium card and/or Loyalty card applications, such as Max Cards, Haymakers Payback Club Cards, etc. During the relationship between NFI and its customers, NFI may have collected and used non-public personal information about its customers from public records, market research, consumer reporting agencies, medical service providers, transactions with it or its affiliates or others. Information provided from you, our customers, on applications, claim forms or other forms, such as, forms relating to customer loyalty programs, and information obtained from its associates and agents, is included in this list of information. NFI strives to keep this information accurate, up to date and confidential. If you discover this information is incomplete, inaccurate or not current, please notify NFI immediately at the address or telephone number listed on any application that may be furnished to you by the company.

NFI’s staff and associates have limited access to customer information and access is based on job function. NFI educates its associates and employees so that they understand the importance of customer confidentiality and privacy. NFI employees and associates who disregard their privacy responsibilities are subject to discipline.

To better serve your needs, your non-public, personal information may be shared. Non-public, personal information about NFI’s customers or former customers is not shared with anyone, except as provided by law. We may only disclose information to third parties when it is necessary to conduct NFI’s business or where disclosure is specifically permitted by law. Information may be disclosed to others who assist NFI in providing business services and/or assist us in processing transactions which you have requested or initiated. Information may also be disclosed for audit purposes, to help NFI prevent fraud, to law enforcement and regulatory agencies to assist in the enforcement of law, to consumer reporting agencies, or to those otherwise permitted by law.

When making application for customer loyalty programs, such as Max Card and/or Haymakers Payback Club Card, NFI sets forth in connection with the application full disclosure of its Internet protocol links, identifiable information, cookies, security and applicable law and the fact that some information may be disclosed in connection with the operation of said customer loyalty program in that the customer does consent to disclosure of this program as a condition of participating in said program.

If you have specific questions regarding this policy or any other policy with respect to NFI’s customer loyalty programs, please direct your inquiries to the NFI Support Center at 217-221-5600.