frequently asked questions about mycountymarket digital coupons

What are digital coupons?

Digital Coupons are offers that load directly and digitally to your County Market Max Card. Digital coupons are found online or via the myCountyMarket app. They redeem automatically in store at checkout when you purchase the qualifying item(s).

What is required to clip and redeem digital coupons?

To clip digital coupons, you simply need to create an account on or in the myCountyMarket app and add your Max Card number (first 11 digits only) to your profile. If you do not have a Max Card, please visit the customer service desk of your local County Market. Click here to find a store near you. If you do not have an online account, click here to create one now.

How do digital coupons work?
  1. Sign in or Create Account to get started
  2. Browse the wide selection of digital offers on our digital coupons page or mobile app
  3. "Clip" your coupons, which digitally loads them to your Max Card
  4. Redeem your digital coupons when you scan your Max Card at checkout
How do I know if a digital coupon has been saved to my Max Card?

You can view the digital coupons saved to your Max Card by going to the “Offer Wallet” tab in the top left menu on the digital coupon webpage or in the myCountyMarket app.

How many digital coupons can I load to my Max Card?

There is no limit!

How long are coupons available?
Coupon start and end dates vary based on the offer. Each coupon shows the corresponding expiration date.
I recently saw a coupon on the website or app and now it’s no longer there. How can I find it?
Some digital coupons have a clip limit. The manufacturer supplies us with a limited amount of offers and once that amount has been clipped on our site or app, it is removed. And remember, if you have already clipped and redeemed a coupon, it most likely will no longer appear on the site once you are signed in.  Most digital coupons are able to be used only once.
Can I still use paper coupons in my purchase?

Yes, but digital coupons cannot be combined with paper manufacturer’s coupons on the purchase of a single item in a single transaction.

How do I know a digital coupon has been applied to my purchase?
Digital coupons are triggered when the cashier presses the subtotal key on the register, so you can review your discounts on the checkout screen at that time. Your savings will also be itemized on your receipt. 
What happens to digital coupons on my account once they have been redeemed?
Once a coupon has been redeemed, it will no longer be visible on the website or mobile app. This also applies for digital coupons that have expired.
What do I do if my store does not carry the product for which I have a digital coupon?
Product availability varies by location and a product being in-stock cannot be guaranteed.
A digital coupon would not redeem at checkout. What should I do?
Occasionally this may happen for a variety of reasons. If you notice this after the purchase is made, please call the Max Card Hotline at 1-888-722-6629 or email us. Please provide the Max Card number being used, the store location, and the UPC of the product in question.