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Niemann Foods, Inc.

Proud owners of stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri

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Founders of Niemann FoodsNiemanns_Foods_Company_Historical_Photos.png

It was 1917 when Ferd Niemann, Sr. and Steve Niemann opened their first grocery store. It took a lot of hard work and progressive thinking, but they succeeded. By 1930, they were operating 10 corner grocery stores and a thriving wholesale business. In 1940 Niemann Foods, Inc. introduced the first full service supermarket to Quincy, Illinois. It is this same hard work and forward thinking that has guided two more generations through steady growth to become the largest independently owned supermarket chain in central Illinois.


Niemann Foods Today

Today, more than 100 grocery, pet food, hardware, pharmacies and gas stations are part of the NFI family in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri. They continue to serve their respective communities with a commitment to taking care of their customers. We have more than 3,000 active NFI Associates that have ownership through an employee stock option purchase plan (ESOP). As associate owners there is a much stronger focus on selling fresh product, listening to and responding to customers needs and building lasting relationships with courteous service. A commitment that will continue to be the foundation for continued growth and success for future generations.