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Get cash back on everyday purchases with ibotta!

At County Market, we're always looking for more ways that you can save. By using the ibotta app when you shop at your local store, you'll keep more money in your pocket!

Use the ibotta app to save cash back on groceries

get started with ibotta How to get cash back

1. Download & Connect

Get the free Ibotta app and connect your Max Card.

2. Choose Your Deals

Before grocery shopping, unlock rebates by completing fun tasks, watching a video or taking a quick survey.

3. Checkout

Scan your Max Card at checkout, and in about 48 hours your rebate earnings will automatically be credited to your ibotta account.

4. Get Cash!

Yes, real cash. Transfer your money to your Paypal account, or treat yourself to a gift card.

Have more questions about how the ibotta app works? Click here for a quick tutorial!

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