Pot-Pie-MinaM.jpgStop by the deli for a Meal in a Minute!

Tired of spending all your money on eating out at restaurants? Wish there was a quicker, easier and cheaper way to get delicious meals at home? We've got exactly what you need at County Market with our fresh chilled meals.

You don't have to slave for hours to get the perfect family meal. You don't have to wait to be seated at a packed restaurant or worry about the tip...just pick up what you want, heat and eat at home!

Pick up our delicious Lasagna, Chicken and Noodles, Beef and Noodles, Italian Beef, Pot Pie, BBQ Meatballs, Mom's Meatloaf, Pulled Pork or other great selections in your local County Market deli's fresh chilled section. Pop off the top, heat it up and your dinner is ready in just a minute! Save time and money by having a night in tonight.